Stacy Ellie, RN

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1 reviews
  • Stacy is an amazing facilitator. She worked with me on a very very difficult belief-that if finances improve someone gets sick and dies. This was locked in from grief at my mother dying at 13 years of age. I heard my dad say again: “It’s so sad that just when finances were improving Yvonne (my mom) got sick and died.” I used to hold cash in my hands and shake as though I was holding poison. I would spend my money because it wasn’t “safe” to have any. I would feel all agitated when I had to send out invoices for my business to get paid. NOT ANY MORE!!! Stacy helped me so much! The very next day I was at a market selling my art. A woman came up to me and asked how much for a very large painting. Normally, I would have been unable to to communicate my answer. Stumbling on my words. Not this time. I very calmly said: Five thousand dollars. Stacy helped me with this emotionally charged issue in such a professional yet very caring way. She is an phenomenal.

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