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5 Reviews on “Lisa Humphreys”

5 reviews
  • Sarah

    I let go of a lot of negative feelings towards my ex husband which has made the whole situation better and I feel lighter. I also absolved feelings of guilt for a past trauma I didn’t know I was harbouring. Lisa is brilliant and I would highly recommend her

  • Jo

    Lisa made me feel at ease and safe right from the start of my sessions. I have suffered with anxiety, depression and lack of confidence from as far back as I can remember.
    Lisa explained the process of Belief Coding and what would happen in each of the three sessions. As we worked through each discomfort, Lisa’s patience and genuine desire to help me shine through. I felt like I could properly open up to her in total confidence.
    At the end of the third session, I couldn’t believe how much “lighter” I felt. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. A weight that I had carried around with me for years. I genuinely felt happier within myself.
    Lisa also checked in with me after the sessions had finished and has guided me if I was having a little dip.
    I highly recommend Lisa, she has helped me to finally start living my “Best Life”

  • Lorella

    Last year, I attended my Belief Coding sessions with Lisa as I was really suffering mentally with trauma from a past relationship which was holding me back from moving on. There were other issues I was struggling with too, which now over 12 months on, are so insignificant compared to how very distressed and upset they made me feel back then.

    Lisa creates a safe space within a calm and relaxed environment. Over a few sessions Lisa and I worked together where she handled each of my issues one by one, gently persevering to get to the root of my issues. Together we removed them from my conscience by using empowering beliefs and affirmations.
    It is hard to believe how I have moved on from those many, many issues that caused me so much distress at that period of time.

    Lisa is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, patient and compassionate and I would highly recommend to anyone who may be struggling to give Belief Coding a go.

  • Kelly

    Highly recommend, my anxiety and overthinking, has reduced and I look at things in a different way, honestly it’s amazing, Lisa is welcoming, makes u feel as ease and I cudnt thank her enough, thank you .

  • Claire

    Upon my first session of Belief coding, I let go of a lot of negative emotions and behaviours that had become habitual.

    I have had numerous further sessions, and I can honestly say I have left lighter, happier and full of positivity.

    Thank You Lisa

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