Tricia Murray

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4 Reviews on “Tricia Murray”

4 reviews
  • Hannah

    Working with Tricia has quite literally changed my life. She is phenomenal! I came to her feeling strung out, like a terrible mum whose little boy deserved better, lost within my own life, stuck in the past and brimming full of permanent anxiety. I can hand on heart say I feel NONE of this any more. From session *one* I felt a physical weight of anxiety leave my body… Tricia has guided me through complex issues and I had no problem placing all my trust in her. I have never, ever felt judged, only safe and supported. She expertly guided me through my subconscious which has resulted in healing like I could have never have imagined. On days where life throws something at me or when anxiety bubbles up a little, I have an inner belief that I can handle it. And I do.
    I cannot recommend Belief Coding sessions with Tricia enough. Do it! Do it! Do it!

  • Louise Day

    Tricia is a phenomenal coach. I have benefited from a belief coding session with her on imposter syndrome. Had huge realisations and a shift. I’m able to believe I’m an expert in my field now and that I have a lot to contribute. I worry less about what others think of me. Tricia held such a beautiful space for me and I’d definitely do a session again. Would highly recommend.

  • Fiona Kearney

    I am so impressed with how powerful just one ‘Belief Coding’ session with Tricia has been. Having worked with her before, I knew to expect her reassuring, supportive and knowledgeable approach. I have never felt such a huge shift after one session before! Within the 90 minutes, we were able to address some deep-seated issues. Even now, 3 months down the line, I know I made lasting changes. I have dealt with some challenging situations since my session and in the past, I would have found it very difficult to cope. However, I have been able to deal with everything easily with a new outlook, new approach and new-found self-belief. Whilst I knew working with Tricia would be a good idea, as it always is, I honestly can’t believe how much was achieved from that one session. I highly recommend!

  • Natalie

    I highly recommend working with Tricia….. literally a mind opening experience for me and a big shift into a better feeling place, somewhere I’ve never been in my lifetime as a middle aged woman. Even weeks after the last session and the effects are still apparent. Tricia was knowledgeable, able to read between the lines and generous with her aftercare.

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