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5 Reviews on “Tasha Shaw”

5 reviews
  • Diana Fischer

    I had a mind blowing session with Tasha. She is a master facilitator who is warm, non judgmental and patient throughout. I came with an issue that I felt so blocked and stuck with and in just one session it felt cleared and all the stress had been resolved. The process itself was really fun and even though the issue I had felt heavy, I felt totally safe and held throughout
    I cannot recommend Tasha and belief coding highly enough. If you are on the fence about booking, just do it.. you won’t regret it!

  • Carol

    I have just received an amazing session from Tasha. She is extremely intuitive and warm. She very sensitively and efficiently got to the root of my discomfort and by the end of the session I felt totally different. It was amazing! Thank you!!! Belief coding seems extremely powerful and the process was really enjoyable. Definitely recommend it!

  • Nicole Brain

    10/10, would definitely recommend! I had a belief coding session with Tasha that went on for much longer than we both expected – we tackled some negative beliefs that I felt had been holding me back in my professional life for quite some time. Over the days and weeks that followed, I felt as though the negative self-talk that had been ever-present almost completely disappeared, and when it did show up to rattle me I felt calm and prepared to defend my peace of mind with my newly encoded beliefs. I will be booking more sessions!

    1. James

      Really enjoyed my session with Tasha. She is warm, friendly and you can see she is really passionate about what she does. I felt totally at ease and surrendered to the process and because of that we had some profound breakthroughs. I would highly recommend Tasha and I’ll be booking in for a session again in the not to distant future

  • Ruth

    I have had both belief coding and mind navigation sessions with Tasha. She is an incredibly compassionate, instinctive, knowledgeable and kind facilitator, I can’t recommend her enough. We worked through many negative beliefs together, the sessions felt transformative and I continue to notice the shifts and changes on a daily basis. I felt safe and held throughout, it was a fascinating process and really enjoyable to be part of.
    I also booked a distance Reiki healing session which was very powerful and amazing to experience. Beautifully healing.

  • Julia Brain

    Natasha recommended the three sessions to get maximum benefit and achieve positive mind changing goals. Right from the start I recognized that her patience and skills would bring about the results I was hoping for. Must admit I felt confident that I had my mental under control and could expect gentle coaching. Boy was I mistaken … Tash unearthed issues that I had ignored for so many years but were the reasons for not taking right life decisions and being unable to progress. She taught me not to be too hard on myself and to have the confidence to initiate major psychological changes.
    I felt enlightened and could see the progress across the sessions. Now I know who I am what I want and able to set new exciting goals. thank you Tash

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