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3 reviews
  • Hannah

    I can’t explain how wonderful and amazing belief coding with Gem is. It’s honestly changed my life.

    I had been struggling with a phobia since childhood and it had got to the point where I’d have panic attacks and dread going outside or being anywhere my phobia could be.

    Through the session I felt many emotions as we explored things together (I cried lots!). I always felt safe and guided.

    Thank you for everything Gemma. You’re so wonderful and I can’t explain what this means to me being able to move forward with happiness and excitement.

    Highly recommend xx

  • Angela Berry

    I have received one session of belief coding with the wonderful Gemma and all I can say is……it’s amazing!
    I’ve spend hundreds of pounds, if not more, and have never got to the depth of my trauma and negative beliefs. Would spend week after week talking with no emotion and not one single tear shed no matter how horrible the subject matter. During belief coding I cried, unconsciously, just because my body needed to to let go of that trapped pain.
    I’ve carried a weight in my chest for as long as I can remember filled with anxiety, negative beliefs and trauma and after my session I just feel light, empty space there ready to be filled with the positives I’ve worked on today and the love I am ready, and good enough, to receive.
    Me confidence in myself has increased so much since the session and I have done so many things I never would have had the confidence to do including joining a theatre group and going on holiday on my own!
    Thank you so much Gemma, your kindness, belief in me and ability to hold such a safe place is amazing and I cannot recommend Gemma highly enough

  • Aysha

    I decided to have a belief coding session with Gemma focusing on a fear that affected me daily.
    I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but Gemma makes you feel so at ease.
    During the session I was surprised at how much trapped emotion I was holding onto, the tears just flowed. After I felt so much lighter.

    I cannot recommend this & Gemma enough, something that gave me daily anxiety has now shifted. My mindset now goes to a much more positive place rather than a negative one.

    The session has had such a positive impact, negative thoughts & behaviours have shifted that I didn’t even see being linked to my fear. Thank you so much Gemma, what you do is amazing x

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