Cameron Wickers

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2 Reviews on “Cameron Wickers”

2 reviews
  • kira

    i’ve had a few sessions with Cameron for belief coding and it has helped so much! i struggle with depressive episodes, anxiety and a lot of childhood trauma. my sessions with Cameron has helped me gain so much confidence and guided me
    to regulating my emotions.
    Cameron is so passionate and really
    takes her time to get to the root of the triggers and issues. i couldn’t recommend her enough!!

  • Hayley Jopson

    I met Beautiful Cameron having a belief coding treatment. It really was an Amazing experience. Cameron made me feel so at ease by explaining how it all helps and how beneficial coding can be. I really felt it has made such a huge difference in just one sesion. I was drawn to Cameron by chance and I really feel Cameron can help others with Belief Coding it really can make a difference 🩷

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