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  • Annette Canning

    🪐Once in a while you meet someone who stops you in your tracks. Their energy and passion for what they do gives you goosebumps and the very confidence you need to dive in and make the changes you only previously wished for.

    Vickie couldn’t have chosen a better brand name because she does what she says… my experiences have been truly transformative!🪐

    Vickie helped me with low self-esteem and self-worth. I hadn’t a clue what this thing called belief coding was but what I did know is that despite all the work I’d done on myself it wasn’t enough. Belief coding changed that 110%.

    The sessions were powerful, I always felt safe and supported with Vickie as my cheerleader with her words of wisdom, her healing and amazingly down to earth nature.

    Belief coding truly is life-changing. There was no fanfare or big bolts of lightening immediately afterwards but I have a new found sense of peace, freedom and I felt like I’d come home to myself.

    It was literally days and weeks later I would catch myself doing something differently yet feeling I’d always done it this way.

    I am enough. I am a badass Queen and if you read this and wondering whether Vickie is your dream facilitator I’m here to tell you she’s amazing.

    I can’t thank her enough and she’s left such a footprint in my life. She’s inspired me to go on and become a facilitator myself. I CANNOT WAIT 🙌.

    Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼 Vickie you truly are the best 🫶xx

    1. Vickie Moore

      Awwwh this testimonial has literally made my month, my heart is bursting. Thank you Thank you Thank you for choosing me and allowing me to hold a space for you. Yes you are enough and YES you are a badass Queen. I too am so pleased that our paths crossed and I cant wait to watch you fly, I feel ive got front row tickets and this is the whole reason why I love helping people realise just how important and worthy they really are in this world!
      lots of love darling xx.

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