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Do you want to help yourself and help others?


Do you like the thought of transforming lives?


Do you want to help others around you?


But most importantly, do you want to transform yourself?Are you struggling with chronic illnesses and in constant pain?

Belief Coding will transform your life and those you use it on. 

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What is Belief Coding®?


Belief Coding® is a revolutionary healing method that is science-backed and spiritual, changing beliefs at a subconscious level.

But what does that actually mean for you? 

Backed by scientific research, Belief Coding uses a number of healing modalities to create a groundbreaking method that has helped 20,000 people (and counting!) completely transform their lives: emotionally, physically and mentally. One belief at a time.

Belief Coding® is a healing modality like no other. Using a combination of science-backed psychological and neurological techniques, as well as Eastern healing techniques, it is an extremely powerful and effective way to clear and heal traumas that may be affecting your life. 

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Who is Belief Coding® for?

Anyone and everyone. 

Belief Coding® has worked for:


Those who want to hit their money goals


Those with anxiety and depression


Those with writer’s block


Those who want to be a calmer parent and break generational trauma


Those who want to follow their hopes and dreams


Those who want a change of career


Those who want to live a free lifestyle


Those who want to follow their hopes and dreams


Those looking to get rid of their phobias


Those looking to elevate their business


Those suffering from chronic illnesses


Those with fertility problems

From young children to business owners to life coaches and psychotherapists. From teachers to doctors to copywriters to those struggling with physical symptoms – Belief Coding® is transforming beliefs and transforming lives at a cellular level. 

Belief coding helps me daily to release

anything holding me back!

The biggest breakthroughs for me have been in my confidence. I had so many things from programming from my childhood, past life trauma and memories from childhood stopping me from showing up in my new business but I have now cleared these and love what I do.

Oh and meeting so many soul sisters at the first Belief Coding event last September and the new facilitators have been the best!!

Kay Crump

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Lives transformed

Our Vision

Our mission is to make Belief Coding® a household name. Working with a growing movement of facilitators, our aim is to make Belief Coding® as accessible to people.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform the world one belief at a time, allowing people to become empowered and liberated on their healing journeys: emotionally, physically and mentally.

Everything is a belief.

Our beliefs end up creating our reality.

And those beliefs come from various instances in our lives, some we might not even be aware of.

Especially when there is trauma involved.

Trauma isn’t always a big life-changing event, but our subconscious is programmed to absorb our life events and create beliefs around them.

These could present themselves as:


Not losing weight because of childhood sexual abuse and now your subconscious creates a belief that you won’t be safe if you got to your ideal weight.


Being a perfectionist because of a mistake you made and now your subconscious ties it to a belief that you can’t get things wrong.


Not going to the gym because of a past relationship and now a belief has formed that going to the gym creates infidelity.


Having Chronic illnesses that are caused by our subconscious thinking we are unworthy of healthy bodies.

“I am still amazed daily by the power of Belief Coding in my life. At the first launch, I ‘bottled it’ in terms of signing up as it was hard to believe it could work so easily and be so powerful. However, the belief I coded in for myself during the 3-night workshop WORKED!! My behaviour changed immediately and 12 wells later it was still working so for the next launch I signed up! My life will be better forever.”

Caroline Davis

Beliefs dictate our actions and those actions create our reality.

This is why Belief Coding is such a powerful tool.

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What makes Belief Coding® stand out within the healing and transformation arena? 

Belief Coding® is a researched and science-backed modality. It works with your subconscious beliefs, by working with your subconscious programmes you can create entirely new belief systems allowing you to live a more fulfilled and present life. 

It goes to the root of what your subconscious perceives as trauma and clears the emotions around it, creating a better, more positive reality with the beliefs that get coded in.

With its science-backed elements and spirituality, the method has the ability to process and release anything that is getting in the way of you living a successful and fulfilling life.

Whether it is anxiety, fear of failure, relationships, an eating disorder or a lack of money coming into your life – these are all circumstances that we manifest for ourselves due to our beliefs.

What makes Belief Coding so incredible is that you and your clients don’t need to sit through therapy session after therapy session and wait years for results.

A breakthrough could happen in just one session and uncover the root of the trauma. 

Many Belief Coding Facilitators use the process to achieve results in their counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

You don’t need to be a coach to become a Facilitator, but many business coaches and life coaches are using the modality to spark change for their clients and to show them what is possible.

What techniques does the Belief Coding method use?

Belief Coding® is a science-backed, spiritual healing process. It uses elements of Eastern and Western healing techniques including:


Positive Psychology




Emotion Coding


Neurolinguistic Programming






Emotional Freedom Tapping




Energy Healing

“My fear of flying gone in one session I actually did on myself!!!!! I live on an island, and it caused me huge anxiety my whole life it’s now completely gone as I coded in new beliefs I LOVE FLYING AND FLYING IS FUN. Belief Coding is life-changing!!”

Tracey Brodie

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Case Studies

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Hi! I’m Jessica Cunningham, Founder of Belief Coding.

Belief Coding stems from my own trauma.
I’ve been through some serious stuff.

I was abused as a child.

My partner, who I have my beautiful girls with, died from suicide.

I was a mum of 3 living on benefits. 

I consistently felt anxious and unworthy.

I had suppressed memories that started to come to a head and were affecting me in my day-to-day life.

I was always stressed. 

Making money felt so hard and I was on the verge of burnout. My subconscious was trying to protect me from experiencing pain.


Just over 2 years ago, I started to invest in myself and my business. I have always been spiritual and explored alternative healing. I started to look at different techniques and modalities and training in them.

I have invested over £500 k into Belief Coding! Before I started to invest in myself, my career, and business – I didn’t feel fulfilled!

Belief Coding is a product of me working on myself and my clients and seeing transformations that just wouldn’t have been possible without the methodology. It has brought me and everyone that goes through its life-changing results!

I am now on a mission. I want people to heal. The universe needs happy people, healed people. The last few years have shown us that we are all so intertwined in each others’ lives and relying on modern medicine isn’t enough to support us.

Using Belief Coding I have been able to remove old, limiting beliefs and imprint new ones.

Which is why I’m training others in the process. 

Our team of facilitators is growing and thriving; they’re practising Belief Coding on themselves, their families, and now even their clients. They are taking back control of their narrative.

And I’m so proud of them and what they are doing to help others.

And I can’t wait for you to join us.

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