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My fear of flying is gone after one session I actually did on myself!!! I live on an island and it has caused huge anxiety my whole life but it’s now completely gone as I coded in new beliefs; I LOVE FLYING AND FLYING IS FUN – life changing!!!

This is amazing, honestly, you have nothing to lose by showing up and watching the free workshop. I DID and now I’m hooked and I’m actually going to be a fully accredited facilitator soon which I will do FOREVER as I love it so much!

Tracey Brodie

During the last couple of weeks, I have experienced some big breakthroughs with Belief Coding®. I have been observing many incredible shifts over the past seven months with people working with Jess, the other Belief Coding® facilitators, and also the people I have been giving sessions to myself as a Belief Coding® facilitator. Whilst Jess was able to see a change in me, I was not able to see it myself and my realisation came recently in a session that my stumbling block was that of trust and not being able to surrender to the process fully even though I could see it was working on others. I was experiencing results but unable to see them clearly because early on I was in the depths of grief, but now I realise I would still be in those depths if Jess and Belief Coding® had not come into my life at exactly the right time. 

So, if anyone reading this is thinking you’re the one person this won’t work for, you are wrong! 

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks and I have cleared my lifelong habit of being late, I had worked on this before but there was a secondary gain which I realised was that of needing an excuse to continually beat myself up emotionally. I now know that I deserve to be kind to myself and I deserve to be on time. 

I have increased my confidence by showing up on social media, this was attached to the trauma of feeling humiliated at infant and primary school (I’m 52 by the way so it goes to show how long this stuff can stay trapped and hold you back in life). Yesterday I had a beautiful, magical, emotional experience around letting go and healing which all began with me wanting to work on a pain in my elbow that I have had for 9 months. The elbow is a lot better but more importantly, I feel lighter and brighter in myself after profoundly healing the loss of a loved one. 

The world needs Belief Coding®.

Jac Crow

Does this sound familiar… you know what you want, you know where you want to be but a little voice inside your head keeps telling you all the ways that you may fail, that you’re not good enough and you’ll never achieve it. 

So the dreams stay in your head and life stays the same. 

Let me introduce you to Belief Coding®

Belief Coding® is a mind-blowing new technique designed by Jessica Cunningham, which helps us to get rid of these nagging limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and stop us from pursuing our dreams. 

This is the quickest and easiest way to release the old stories that are holding us back. results from my clients and from myself have been f**king phenominal! 

When you release what’s been holding you down, you realise you can fly! 

Wellness With Leanne

Belief Coding® saved my relationship twice and came in useful when I was in the thick of emotion both times which I believe is the universe helping me! I’m not saying in my relationship I was at fault, as it takes two, but there’s that saying that if you can change your reactions for the better, you can improve the surroundings, and Belief Coding® helped me to do that. It’s fast and effective!

Danielle Baron

Life-changing revelations alert!

last week, I attended a 3-day workshop in Sheffield run by Jess, and quite simply, my mind is blown!

I have learned about Belief Coding® – a  tired and tested formula that is a unique but perfect blend of Neuroscience and Spirituality. It is a formula that works with the subconscious – it supports individuals who want to address any negative, self-limiting beliefs they may have and then help strengthen their positive new self beliefs in a quick and simple format and allow them to live their best life. 

I have not only witnessed the power of Belief Coding® with others but have experienced the power myself. Some truly amazing things happened in Sheffield. 

The 3 days have allowed me to see that the subconscious mind plays such a huge part in how we feel, see and live our lives but also that trauma, whether big or small, can be dealt with quickly and easily and that the effects of Belief Coding® are quite simply life-changing. 

I’m now in the process of becoming a fully trained and accredited Belief Coding® facilitator. 


I’ve just attended the 3-day training in Sheffield with Jessica Cunningham and a group of other incredible women and one courageous man!

It was so powerful to witness transformations in others and myself too from this incredible modality. 

Definitely seize the opportunity to do the free masterclass and find out more. It’s literally life changing!

Nuala Nagle

Everything you’ve heard is all true! I have personally changed so many of my beliefs from a negative to a positive within minutes. The difference in me and the results in my acheivements are astonishing. You 100%  have to try this! 

Emma Fox Deeks

This is the most amazing thing I have ever done. Belief Coding® will change your life and everyone’s around you. The transformation is unbelievable. Jess is amazing and her energy is infectious!

Suzanne Brown

I had a lifelong fear of snakes and I Belief Coded® it and now snakes are my friend! I love snakes and the way they move!

I also had lifelong psoriasis and this has now gone after three big sessions. I am thankful every day for Belief Coding®.

My children’s constant state of over-excitement and loud noise would trigger me at mealtimes or drain my energy but now it genuinely doesn’t bother me anymore!!

Helen Edgecombe

So, I thought a lot about what I was going to say here because honestly, words do not do this modality justice!

A bit of background, I’m a transformational life coach; working with mindset, making money, and manifesting – just to put it into perspective, I have had a real hard time showing up for my business, showing up at all online, and just overall didn’t have any direction. Belief Coding® not only reframes our beliefs, which is EPIC in itself, but the woman I have turned into is phenomenal! I show up, give 100%, I’m confident, grateful, happy, and most of all I have a clear direction. I’ve done more on my business since Belief Coding® than in the last four years! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Jessica is a genius and to top it all off imagine finding the people you connect with, make friends with, that has no judgment and want to help you in every way… that’s what our community does… you will never experience anything like it. I’m forever grateful!

Ruman Kaur

Oh my goodness I am freaked! Did a couple of sessions on myself yesterday to try to help with constantly having blocked sinuses, not only did my nose start dripping like a tap whilst coding in the new belief but it took me to a reflection of my gran as a little girl when her dad died. The name John came to my mind while doing it and after speaking to my great aunt today, it turns out that he was indeed called John. I honestly did not know that was his name before today!

My sinuses were a little stuffy even when I woke up but they have been fine all day… I can breathe out of both sides of my nose and haven’t had any of the pain that I usually have in my head or face. My new belief was something along the lines of “My body is strong and healthy. My sinuses are clear and drain freely” x


I have found many small shifts that seemed so natural and have encouraged me to take more inspired action. I trust more in my intuition and I take action. Previously, I would procrastinate and ruminate until I talked myself out of my why. Now I just do what feels right at the moment. I feel much more charged and at ease in my life. Grateful for Belief Coding® and excited about the future. 

Leah Rodrigues

After a lower back accident almost 20 years ago I suffered with a bulged disc off and on. I’ve seen numerous practitioners and tried various pain tablets, vitamins etc. I always blamed the accident for my constant niggling bad back but after a Belief Coding® session with the amazing Jules Kelly how wrong was I? From a belief, I was actually also holding trapped trauma from my fertility journey 15 years that Jules simply removed. Jules is an amazing lady to work with ob Belief Coding® and through laughter and her directness made me feel at ease at the start of the session. She’s an incredibly experienced woman who’s walked the earth and collected many tools to help her along her way and practice. All holistic. What she doesn’t have in her holistic Mary Poppins bag isn’t worth having. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Jules Kelly for another Belief Coding® session as it’s changed my life for the better. I no longer need to take lots of painkillers. She’s simply the best. 

Vickie Moore

Transformations really do happen. See for yourself. I’m blown away daily by Belief Coding®. Grateful for Jess and all the things that Belief Coding™ brings. 

Paula O'Connor

I took the plunge and signed yo back in October and was lucky enough to go to the in-person training in November and again last week. Belief Coding® is absolutely phenomenal and will definitely blow your mind!! The transformations I’ve witnessed and experienced have been amazing. Jessica is without a doubt a complete powerhouse and if you’ve not been to any of her masterclasses then get yourself to this one – you will not be disappointed! Her energy and authenticity will blow you away!! 

I have no doubt Belief Coding® will be the most talked-about healing modality this year. 

Debbie Smallman

Amazing!!! My community already knows lots about the change in me and going to show them how they can do the same. I’ve also had other facilitators in the community comment about how I have transformed lives. 

Honestly, to me, this is literally a quantum leap. I have gone from chronically unwell in bed to working like mad as I bloody love it! I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been so I can’t wait to get people in the same place and some even further as I come from being chronically unwell and had to overcome that first. So excited. 


I am new to Belief Coding® and currently in the process of becoming a facilitator! After doing a session on myself for the Public Speaking Challenge, I no longer feel anxious about posting videos on Facebook. I have already posted three videos to my personal Facebook page since the challenge without fear of what others think of me. 

It is truly amazing!

I am excited about learning all that I can get really comfortable with it so that I can help others experience breakthroughs in their lives as well. One of my Facebook friends was so excited for me after watching me post videos, she asked me how I overcame my fear and what I was doing so I invited her to the group so that she can be a part of the free course being offered at the beginning of April. 

Amy Ladeau

I signed up at the beginning of February as I could see this as a helpful tool for myself to heal and grow. Since joining it really is sich a supportive collective of like-minded non-judgemental individuals who all have your back as you peel back the layers. In my few sessions, I have had the pleasure to receive facilitation ALOT made sense, many tears but it works!!! As many have said, you feel like you have to share so watch this space if I set up a business and fly. 

Knowing many established therapists, academics and practitioners see the value is such an endorsement and compliment to the hard work and dedication used by the Belief Coding® Private Facilitation Group, Jess, and her team! Looking forward to what’s to come! 

Christine Howarth

Belief Coding® is without a doubt the best thing that I’ve ever done, I had tried all the talk therapies in the world and nothing had worked!! This has well and truly changed my life in such a short space of time. Everyone can see the difference in me, my family, my friends… just bloody everyone! 100% the best thing I could have ever done for myself. 

Belief Coding® is absolutely life-changing, as a healing modality, the community of people that you get to be a part of, the energy that Jess brings to this amazing practice she has developed, the energy of all the gorgeous people, Belief Coding® is truly transformational and has completely changed my life – or should I say; given me my life back! 

If you’re thinking about signing up, do it! 

Kim Willis

Belief Coding® helps me daily to release anything holding me back!

The biggest breakthroughs for me have been been in my confidence I have so many things from programming from my childhood, past life trauma, and memories from childhood stopping me from showing up in my new business but I have now cleared these and love what I do. 

Oh, and meeting so many soul sisters at the first Belief Coding® event last September and the new facilitators have been the best!!

Belief Coding® is an absolute game-changer. I Belief Code myself most days with anything I feel resistance with or if something pops up. 

Every time blows my mind with the memory that comes up that. I wasn’t even aware I had stored away and was still bothering me. 

I belief coded my self-sabotage with food yesterday and haven’t touched a chocolate today and not even felt the need to. 

So powerful! Thank you, Jess! 

Kay Crump

Belief Coding® – Sign up, sort out, free up and peace out! 

Live exactly the life you desire and deserve. Magic happens! Go with it, trust the process and celebrate the triumphs, there will be many, many, many!

No looking back for me, the best thing I’ve done for myself and the best thing you can do for yourself. Have faith. Jessica is a whirlwind of magical magicness. Authentic, real, always there for you if you need her and. a bloody pioneer. I’ve met incredible people and I’ve shared without fear. 

What are you waiting for?

Joanna Bright

Jessica Cunningham is such an amazing soul!! Belief Coding® is seriously next level, deep, easy, spiritual and so transformational!!! I found Jess through her October masterclass, never heard of her before but I was hooked because she’s absolutely hilarious, and I know that accessing our subconscious is the key to deep, lasting transformation. I loved the masterclass and also her honesty about the trauma she’s experienced, I just knew I needed to be in her world. 

As someone who is a serial course taker (and then doesn’t implement), the container Jess offers is so supportive it gives the space and focussed support for everyone to learn and implement. It’s genius! Belief Coding® just blows my mind, it’s a really simple yet profound technique that just astounds me, I love it! Also, Jess’s knowledge, awareness, open heart, generosity, and beautiful energy are just so invigorating to be around. Oh, and the community she’s created is just magic. I have met beautiful, lifelong soul connections and I’m so grateful I took the plunge. It’s a no-brainer really. 

Haylea Archer

Yay!! This is so exciting for those who haven’t experienced Belief Coding® yet, just wait and see… it will blow your minds!!!

From experiencing it myself, I can 100% say that it’s transformed my life already, and as a training facilitator myself, I’ve seen it firsthand work on others too. 

Woop woop! Enjoy!

Hannah Younge